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Did you take art lessons growing up? 
Yes, I attended many art lessons with very talented artists as a child, Mrs Elsie Kramerick made the most imact with me when I was 14 years old and taught me for several years. Plus I attended all art classes in high school, several in college and practiced each day, and taught portrait drawing at the FBI academy when I became a Forensic Artist in 2006 and met the artists in a 3 week course. They are simply amazing!

What is your favorite thing to do? 

Really, it depends. I loved graphic pencils and taught myself color pencil techniques and was my primary medium for over 10 years. Pencils became paint as I began painting small murals within homes, work and finally businesses. I had to teach myself mural work, you really have to build up to it and practice, practice, practice.

How can I become an artist? 

Do you LOVE creating art?  I do, I began doodling on schoolwork and there isnt a day that goes by that I do not draw, paint, teach, learn, experience, observe, or create something from nothing. Utilize your natural curiosity. Ask questions, never stop asking why, what, where, why and how. Teach yourself in books, learn about artists by talking with them, reading books, videos or taking lessons. Each artist loves to teach in their skill set or style. Never stop learning and be curious. Life is so very very inspiring and artists will always be one of the most importaint careers you will ever choose.