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Over 20+ years Experience!

  • I use ONLY Merhon Paradise Face Paint - It is the best special effects professional body and face paint, it contains Aloe, Avocado Oil and Cacao (Cocoa) Butter - in the 20 years I've been face painting, it is by far the safest on skin types.

  • If you would like to book me for parties, you can call  / text me  904-444-3268 and I can schedule you / verify within 24 hours of event

For On-Location Birthday Parties

  • Calculate # of guests (include at least 1/3 of adults, because there are several adults wanting a face painting too!)  I can paint around 10-12 people per hour @ $40 per hour. 

  • Will verify within 24 hours of event and can be reached anytime via text / email / phone call.  I arrive 30 minutes ahead of event to set up / assist.

  • I bring a small table, elevated chair, & paints with small image board.

  • Travel Cost: Under 20 miles: Free / Over 20: $10.  It's that easy!

Small Events / Local Events 

  • Please call / text / email to inquire availability & reserve me
  • I have 2 methods of payment: 
    • 1st - No charge to the event planner & charge only patrons $5 per face
    • 2nd -  Event Planner pays $40 per hour to artist, & no charge to patrons
  • FUNDRAISING: I do assist in fundraising & can split proceeds for funds is being raised.
  • I bring my 10 x 10 tent / tables / chairs & paint supplies so no need to supply me with any tables or tents,. I bring my own equipment.

Large Events

  • Please call / text / email to inquire availability & reserve me
  • Entry / Event Fee according to event
  • Travel: Up to 60 miles (2 hours max)
  • I confirm / verify event within 48 hours of scheduled arrival 
  • I bring an assistant
  • I provide all equipment / any weather - 10 x 10 tent / tables / chairs & paint supplies & any electric / light sources for night events.
  • Payments is charging patrons $5 per face only
  • 4 hour minimum / 10 hour max

Body / Belly Painting

  • Yes! I do partial and entire body art painting. I have paints, and can schedule around your needs / privacy requirements. Can come to your location / stage makeup / special event.
  • $40 per hour (cash / check / paypal) and I work fast / can pepare skin for all kinds of stage / event environment (hot lights / sweat & smudge proof) to ensure the paint can wear for a long time.

  • Can be discreet for private events.  Will call within 24 hours to verify all information